Paul Standish Conference Scholarships

Each year Paul Standish Scholarships are available to MAMEA members interested in attending the MAMEA Annual Conference but are in need of financial assistance. These Scholarships cover up to $300 of expenses directly related to participation in the conference and will be issued as a reimbursement after the conference upon submission of valid receipts. 

Applicants must have at least 6 months of membership in MAMEA prior to application or must have attended a MAMEA-sponsored state event by the time of application.  Members may not receive a Paul Standish Scholarship in consecutive years.

For additional information, contact:  Sarah Nuss at

To apply, submit:

  • an application form and
  • a letter of justification, describing the need for the scholarship and explaining how the conference will benefit you and your students.

Expanding Audiences Scholarships

Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association (MAMEA) strives to have a diverse membership. This may include, but is not limited to diversity within:

  • race,
  • ethnicity,
  • gender
  • marine/freshwater educators,
  • classroom/informal educators, or
  • early/mid/late career
  • entry level/middle management/executive

In order to increase our membership in these and other categories, we offer one (1) $400 Expanding Audiences Scholarship (EA) to attend the MAMEA annual conference.  The intent is to support qualified individuals to share their expertise, experiences and perspectives through active participation in MAMEA annual conferences and through continued participation within the organization.   

Eligibility:  Candidates for the scholarship should be interested in contributing to and learning from marine and aquatic educators.  Candidates cannot be a current or former MAMEA member.  

Nominations:  Any current MAMEA member may nominate an interested candidate for the scholarship. Self-nominations are also encouraged and welcome.  

Financial Support:  The EA scholarship will reimburse costs associated with attending the MAMEA annual conference, including registration, accommodations, and travel associated directly with attending the conference.  No cash-advance funds are issued.  All allowable costs, up to $400, are reimbursed upon submission of valid receipts after the conference to the MAMEA treasurer. 

To apply, submit:

  • an application form
  • a letter of justification, describing how the candidate is related to the field of marine science or education, why the candidate is interested in attending the conference, how they will utilize the experience in their work, and how they are representing a new and diverse audience for MAMEA.   

The application deadline for both scholarships is September 1, 2018. Recipients will be notified by September 14, 2018, in time to register for early bird registration.

Send your application by US Mail or e-mail to:

Sarah Nuss, Scholarship Committee Chair
PO Box 1346
Gloucester Point, VA 23062

Attending the national NMEA conference?  Visit the NMEA website for information on the availability of national scholarships.